Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies has been on broadcast television for twenty-two years. If your station is interested in showing Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies, please fill out the syndication form and click SUBMIT.

All syndication packages include 12 to 26 complete shows, Zomboo appearing in your locally scripted promos, and the option of localizing the show with your area’s locally submitted Pictures of the Week, 3-Minute Horror Movies, and Scaaary Photo Album. Each show runs 1 hour, 52 minutes, 56 seconds (1:52:56). This includes six (6) 2 minute, 2 second (2:02) commercial breaks. You retain the right to adjust the break and program lengths according to your needs. Zomboo is available to make personal appearances.

In addition, will be updated each week to display the movie being broadcast in your area.