3-Minute Movie

Zomboo’s 3-Minute Horror Movie : Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies
Zomboo is headed into the theater to watch the next 3-minute horror movie.

Do you think you can make a very scaaary movie that’s just as good if not better than the “trashy” mov–… I mean “classic” movies that I show every week? If so, then send it to me at Zomboo’s 3-Minute Horror Movie Theater.

They should be in reasonably good taste and should not run any longer than 3 minutes. They must be High Def video, as close to 1280 x 720 as possible, and in an H264, mpeg, or mov video format, and the scaaarier the better!

Email your 3-minute horror movie via Wesendit.com or Dropbox.com to zomboo@zomboo.com. You can also put it on Youtube and send the link to zomboo@zomboo.com.

“Write a scaaary script, get those cameras rolling, and send those scaaary movies to me so I can put them on the show for everyone to see!”

We reserve the right to edit each movie to make it fit within the allotted time frame.