FAQ : Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies

  1. Why does Zomboo need a FAQ list?
    After answering the same questions over and over until I was white in the face, I realized it was time for a FAQ list.

  2. Is there any way I could help out with the show, like behind the camera?
    You already do help out. By watching Zomboo! But, we could use someone to sweep the parking lot…

  3. This week’s movie was not as good as some of the other movies. Why?
    We are severely limited as to what we can show due to the copyright laws. We are not allowed to cut up and make fun of movies unless they are in the public domain, meaning they are not copyrighted. Although we would like to show good movies, there are not very many of them available in the public domain.

  4. How do you choose your movies?
    Eeny – meeney – miney – moe, which bad movie will we show? The movies we show are limited to movies that are PD or in the public domain. This means they are not copyrighted and we can artistically alter them by adding cut-ins and sound effects.

  5. Why don’t you show new or better movies?
    New or better, make up your mind!

  6. Why can’t you show a movie if I send you a copy of it?
    We can only run movies that are not currently copyrighted or are in the public domain. We do extensive research every day to find new movies for the show that meet our very stringent qualifications. When we discover a film that meets these qualifications, we attempt to get an official copy of it from our distributors.

  7. How do you get your ideas?
    Zomboo’s staff gets together with a pizza and some drinks and writes the jokes. (The pizza usually writes most of the “funny” jokes!)

  8. Are you ever going to focus on any of the other members of the cast?
    Yes. Our cameras utilize an “auto-focus” lens. This should not be a problem.

  9. Why don’t you do more live action shots in the Reno and Sparks areas?
    Time and money. It costs a lot of both to go “on-location”.

  10. Why don’t you ever have Zomboo fans do guest shots on the show?
    Because this is “Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies” not “Zomboo’s Saturday Night Freak Show!” That, and the show is not filmed like a live show from beginning to end. It is filmed and put together in a process that spans several weeks. It is simply not possible.

  11. Where can I get an autographed picture of Zomboo?
    On the BUY STUFF page there are autographed postcards and an 8×10 photograph available for a tiny fee.

  12. Can we get some of the shows on DVD?
    Yes, on the BUY STUFF page. We are currently working on all of the DVD versions of the shows when we are not answering stupid questions.

  13. Why doesn’t Zomboo produce his own low-budget horror movies?
    Time and money. It costs a lot of both to do that.

  14. Did Zomboo appear on the Emmys?
    Yes, Zomboo was asked to present Emmys in San Francisco and was the hit of the show.

  15. Why is Bianca called the “Rat Girl”?
    Bianca is the “Rack Girl”. That’s because she is chained to a rack and because she has a nice one.

  16. The Rack Girl looks like an anchor woman on Headline News. Is she?
    The Rack Girl to our knowledge is not a news anchor, or an anchor of any kind. The job of an anchor is to sink and she has a couple of things going for her that keep her afloat!

  17. Does anybody know what Bianca’s full name is?
    Yes. It’s “Bianca the Rack Girl”.

  18. Is it just me or does Bianca look different all of a sudden?
    It’s just you. Bianca has been on since the show began. You know, people do change over periods of time… and she seems to change for the better.

  19. Is Bianca the Rack Girl on any other TV show?
    The Rack Girl can be seen making a guest appearance on the show “Scare Tactics” on the Sci-Fi Channel. In episode #104 “Orgy from Hell”.

  20. Are there any new “Rack Girl” pictures?
    We add new ones every once in a while, when we are finished drooling all over them.

  21. Last night’s movie was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. Why did you show it?
    Everybody knows that these are bad movies to start with. That is a given. It’s the Zomboo stuff that makes it worth watching.

  22. Where is Vincent Price?
    a.) Is this a trick question?

    b.) Did you miss the showing of House on Haunted Hill or Last Man on Earth?

    c.) Maybe he is now living in Springfield with his nephew.

  23. Why does the Zomboo show sometimes get bumped by crappy movies?
    The station needs to honor contracts for barter movies that have to air in that time slot.

  24. What are “barter movies”?
    They are movies you NOW hate because they once preempted your favorite TV show. (HINT: it starts with a Z and ends in two O’s)

  25. Do you only air REAL movies?
    No. Sometimes we air FAKE movies.

  26. Can you show a movie that I made myself?
    a.) Does it star Angelina Jolie?

    b.) We air 3-minute homemade horror movies when we get them and have time in the show. If it’s a professionally done feature, we’ll look at it to see if it’s in the spirit of the show. We have a reputation to uphold and therefore we don’t want to show anything that might upstage the feature movie!

  27. In the movie Chopping Mall, nobody was actually chopped! What’s the deal?
    We are still looking into this one. Mall security is being close-lipped.

  28. I’d like to know how I can get Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies to play in my area.
    a.) If you know a TV station that will air Zomboo in your area, see the SYNDICATION page.

    b.) Go to the BUY STUFF page and order a DVD, then shove it in your DVD player. Press PLAY.

  29. I watch Zomboo every chance I get. Am I a genius?
    Yes, definitely!

  30. Could we, just once, see some really great horror movies?
    We are severely limited as to what movies we can show due to the fact that the national cable networks have locked up the broadcast rights on long-term licenses for big bucks on most of the movies which are available for television.

  31. Is Zomboo shown in San Francisco?
    Yes. The police regularly circulate his mug-shot there! However, the show is currently not available in the Bay Area. We hope to one day be there to continue the tradition that was started by Bob Wilkins and Creature Features.

  32. Zomboo, I sent in a picture but I have not seen it on the show. Why?
    I have put every picture I have received that is in reasonably good taste in the Scaaary Picture Gallery portion of the show. Maybe it is in a show that has not aired yet or you fell asleep and missed it!

  33. Do any women watch Zomboo?
    You’d be surprised but over 50% of our audience is female according to the Nielsen ratings.

  34. Would somebody please explain the ending of last night’s movie?
    The shows always end with the “roll credits”. The credits tell you who was involved and what they did in that night’s movie.

  35. Why don’t you ever play any movies that your fans request?
    a.) Because Barney vs. Godzilla is not a real movie.

    b.) I really enjoy receiving requests from all of you horror movie enthusiasts. I wish we could accommodate all of your requests but we are limited to movies that are in the public domain and are not copyrighted.

  36. If you run out of public domain flicks, then what?
    a.) Survivor re-runs.

    b.) We have a pirate movie (ARRRHH!) and a Sherlock Holmes movie featuring the famous detective Sherlock Zomboo.

  37. I was wondering if you could show the movie Trog. It is very campy.
    Campy? What a stinker! This is one time that “being copyrighted” works in our favor.

  38. Can we all chip in for a Blockbuster card and get better movies?
    Sure, why not? Too bad we couldn’t show them. Did I mention why?

  39. When are you going to offer wine wih your cheesy movies?
    Check the BUY STUFF page. If we have it, it’s there.

  40. Who is Bruce H.?
    Zomboo’s number one fan.

  41. Should we cancel our Saturday night activities and watch Zomboo instead?
    YES (And no funny stuff during the Rack Girl parts either).

  42. Is there a Zomboo Fan Club?
    Yes, Homer. You are there. It’s actually this website. Heck, you could start one if you love Zomboo that much.

  43. Does the actual Zomboo reply to these messages?
    Yes, Zomboo replies to these messages.

  44. Can I meet Zomboo? If so, where?
    Keep an eye on your local broadcast. Special announcements will be made regarding appearances in your area.

  45. Are you going to show repeats of the first season?
    Yes, we occasionally mix them into the schedule.

  46. Will Zomboo be running for President next term?
    No, Zomboo does not have time to waste on stupid stuff like that.

  47. I record Zomboo’s show every week. Can I trade tapes with others?
    You may trade tapes with others but duplicating and selling the shows to anyone would be bad and inappropriate. We have the shows for sale on DVD so you can own “high quality” bad movies!

  48. Where do I send my scaaary pictures and 3-minute horror movies?
    RENO, NV 89502

  49. I have a hard time staying awake through your whole show. What should I do?
    Buy a few sets of show DVDs and go to sleep.

  50. Did Zomboo ever go out on a date with Elvira?
    If she did, she would now be called the “Mistress of the Dork”.