Meet the Cool Ghouls of Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies

Zomboo is the host of Zomboo’s House of Horror Movies. He lives in the “Castle Above the Mist”. Some people say he is a zombie, others say he is a vampire. All agree Zomboo is quite a character and knowledgeable on the subject of horror movies.
Quasi the hunchback lives with his master, Zomboo, in the castle. Every week Quasi goes deep inside the vault to pull out some of the scaaariest movies ever made. He also likes to assist Zomboo in the dungeon laboratory performing quas-essential experiments.


Miss Transylvania
Miss Transylvania, the original hottie, was crowned over 400 years ago during the first “Miss Transylvania Beauty Pageant”. Miss Transylvania is Zomboo’s “ghoul-friend” and appears regularly on the show.
Werewolfie always seems to appear during the cycle of the full moon. He lurks around the grounds of the castle, occasionally visiting Zomboo at the dungeon door.


Head Nurse
The “Head Nurse”, also known as Nurse Feelgood, assists Dr. Zomboo at the Sisters of the Broken Leg Hospital. She occasionally assists Doctor Zomboo with a “shot of reality” and reminds him that some of the movies are so lame, they need crutches.
Bianca, the Rack Girl, introduces commercial breaks during the movie and is a captive audience in the castle. Even though the show is on late at night, she definitely keeps many viewers “up” for the show! All of the male viewers agree that Zomboo has a nice rack in his dungeon.

Bianca the Rack Girl

Mini Z
Mini Z is Zomboo’s little pal. Mini Z knows a bunch (too many) of bad monster jokes. After Mini Z tells us one of his really bad jokes, Zomboo kindly puts him out of his misery by putting Mini Z just plain out!
Officer Not-So-Friendly comes to the dungeon door and tries to keep Zomboo on the straight-and-narrow. After investigating the current charges and trading some insults, the good officer usually gives Zomboo the straight-and-narrow billy club upside his head.

Officer Not-so-Friendly

Victoria Monroe
Victoria Monroe is more than just another pretty face; she is a versatile actress who appears in many skits on the show. Her roles include Little Zomboo’s grade school teacher, the policewoman at Traffic School, and many additional characters.